The Power of Pink

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 8-24-2023 Everyone knows Barbie. Regardless of age, generation, and gender, Barbie is the most popular doll. I spent much of my childhood collecting new outfits, cars, Dream Houses (oh my!) and even the motorized life-size Barbie Jeep was my go-to ride. But that little girl grew up and learned a thing or two about life when Barbie didn’t. Barbie has had quite a bad reputation in recent years. As a precursor to the Barbie movie that took the media by storm this Summer, Hulu released ‘Tiny Shoulders’ which follows the Barbie team as… Read more »

Photography Changes The Game

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 10-16-2023 I cannot talk enough about how important photography is in marketing, especially in the jewelry business. The best way to tempt your customers and capture those clicks is to show off your pieces in the best, and most interesting, way possible. Here are 5 tips for taking photos that will snag your viewers attention: Stabilize Your Shot with a Tripod. There’s nothing worse than a shaky hand while you’re trying to capture every facet of a diamond. A tripod will keep your camera still so you can zoom in for a clear shot.… Read more »

Reintroducing Yourself To Your Brand

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 2-19-2024 So you feel like you really have a handle on your business’s aesthetic, but how well do you really know your brand? Or should I ask, how well do others know your brand? Building and developing your brand standards is a key component to keeping your business memorable. It also builds consistency which is key in sticking in your customers mind. Some key items to make sure you, and your customer, know well about your business: – Logo: How many logos do you have? Do you have a brand icon? Do you have… Read more »

The Importance of CRM in 2023

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 3-24-2023 While pandemic jewelry sales were plentiful, retailers need to focus on what to do in the aftermath of a market high. Customer retention is one of the most important, and effective, ways to keep sales not only steady, but improving. According to National Jeweler, customers want to be courted. It shouldn’t matter if they are shopping for haute couture or in a shopping mall. Shoppers want to be in-the-know, a VIP, and want to be focused on. “Repeat customers are 70 percent more likely to make a purchase than first-time customers and, on… Read more »

Sustainability Takes Precedence in 2023

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 1-6-2023 2020 taught us many lessons, with one of the most important being sustainability and eco-friendly businesses. The importance of sustainability has only increased since then, and in 2023, the topic is rising to new heights. People are more conscious, now more than ever, of the ethics behind the products they are buying. Consumers want to know where their products come from, how they’re made, and even what happens post-purchase. All of this to say, 2023 is going to require some important business practices to change to adapt to demand. Kate Maller Jewelry,… Read more »