How To Market for Mother’s Day

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 2-25-2023 Americans love their moms, and we prove this by showering our mothers with gifts every year on the second Sunday in May. Mother’s Day is the fourth highest grossing holiday of the year, even topping Valentine’s Day in jewelry sales! If you were as shocked as we were to hear this fact, you need these next seven email marketing tips for Mother’s Day. 1. Segment your customer mailing list. Using segments helps you target your prime audience. 2. Recommend the most relevant jewelry styles. Make sure the products you feature are modern… Read more »

8 Jewelry Trends to Watch For in 2023

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Fruchtman Findings, 2-17-2023 As a designer, having stunning photography of jewelry always enables me to create the best designs possible. However, it’s also important that the pieces being featured are on-trend and eye-catching so that consumers naturally stop in their tracks (or scroll, rather…) The days of minimalist rings and dainty necklaces are over. This year, it’s time to bring back the show-stopper pieces and bulky gems. In short, Elle tells us to watch for a surge in popularity of Estate and Estate-like pieces, large and colorful stones, and unique objects or mis-matched pieces. Here’s the full… Read more »

Server Status

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Cityview Magazine, 2-11-2015   Waiting tables is not a glamorous job. If you’ve ever done it, you understand how difficult it can be at times. And if you’ve never done it, you probably don’t realize how much work goes into it. From being yelled at to receiving rude notes, servers experience more than their share of disrespect. But while all waiters and waitresses have those moments, most people who have been in the service industry say the good moments generally outweigh the bad. We talked to servers from restaurants around the metro about their experiences… Read more »

The Truth About Feminism

by Ashley Buckowing Published in Ethos Magazine, 5-29-2015   The person sitting next to you in class, the girl sharing your booth at the Hub, a man sitting across the table from you at Parks Library and your professor in Civil Engineering—all of these people can be feminists. A woman who takes pride in being a female or a man that wants his girlfriend to make the same amount of money that he does can be a feminist. A frequently used definition is one similar to that in the book “Gendered Lives” by Julia Wood: “An active commitment to equality… Read more »