Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. My name is Ashley, and I am a right-brained, practical, passionate and generally creative human. My career is in Graphic Design, but my passions and experience extend much further than just the design world. My love for creativity started in creative writing, grew to a college degree in Journalism, which blossomed into a love for photography (food, lifestyle, boudoir, you name it!), which catapulted me into marketing. I have ran a clothing store, I have worked in food service, I have managed teams of people – but nothing quite satiates my need for a creative challenge quite like graphic design. For straight-forward list of my experience, please see my resume here. But, what I think is most important for you to know, is that my strength lies in natural ability to look at something and mentally break it down to see how it can be improved. For example, when I was young and worked in retail as a Store Manager, I was responsible for visual merchandising. That means, taking all of the product and hardware off of the wall, and reinstalling a new display set up. I would take everything down, look at the pieces in front of me, and mentally put it all back together in a way that showcased each piece best. Currently, I can take an outdated bridal brochure and upgrade it to a step-by-step wedding guide for the modern bride. Or better yet, creating an entire marketing campaign from scratch based on a one-sentence idea. You can go to school for graphic design, but you cannot teach instinctive creativity.

My creative nature is not only rooted in my professional work. In my off-time, I love to travel, go for hikes or walks in nature, take pictures, do puzzles, and give myself my own *ahem* ‘infamous’ fancy manicures. I love to create something new; I love to speak with people who think differently than me; and most importantly, I love to learn. Because knowledge is power, and the more you know, the more you grow.